Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tesla Owner Tracks Stolen Model S With Tesla Phone App

I came across this story and just love it! A woman's Model S was stolen. She called police and then
remembered that the Tesla phone app can track that car, providing it's location and speed. They scary thing is that, as the police chased the vehicle, she could see it reached speeds of 100 MPH. Yikes! I would be so nervous watching my $100,000 car being driven like that. The police eventually stopped the car by using spike strips.

What I didn't know was, according to this story, the phone app can disable the car when it is not in motion. That's an awesome feature and has got to be a huge theft deterrent!

The best part is the owner's comment: "After this, I'm not going to get any other car for sure." How many times have we heard Tesla owners say that?


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