Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Is The Stupiest Tesla Story Ever!

So there is apparently a company that does nothing but break apart products and see what they are made of. They must hire only stupid, easily impressed people, based on their comments about a Tesla they took apart.

"In breaking apart a Tesla, IHS found the head unit alone holds nearly 5,300 individual components, more than four times the number of parts in an iPhone 5s."

Shocking! Just shocking!!! Who would have thought that a CAR has more components than a PHONE?!?! Incredible!

"Another factor that intrigued Rassweiler? "The simple fact that there's a 17-inch display controlling the vehicle. Kind of like a large iPad controlling your car.""

Apparently, they have never seen a Tesla before they bought this one.

What morons. And people actually pay them for this information???


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