Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Net Worth Update: End of November 2018

At the end of each month, I post an update of my net worth, including a brief discussion of any notable events that might have occurred. The latest month's figures can always be found under the Featured menu in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Last updated: End of November, 2018
Net Worth: $911,270
Change from last Month: +$43,458

Events Of Note Last Month:

My SQL courses on Udemy generated $47.60 of income. My courses on SkillShare, meanwhile, earned $78.96. This is the first month ever that my SkillShare income has exceeded my Udemy income. I also earned $0.12 in royalties from my real estate ebook :-)

In some strange news, I received a check from Tesla this month for $151. I think this was supposed to be a reimbursement for the alignment I had done. If you recall, they originally wanted to charge me for it ($151), but because my car was still fairly new, they agreed to waive the cost. Apparently that message got altered somehow into them reimbursing me for the alignment. The only thing is - I never paid for it in the first place! So thanks, Tesla, for giving me $151! I applied it to my car loan.

On a somewhat related note, the rear spoiler finally came in and I took my car back to have it installed. The whole replacement process ended up being something of a waste of time, as the corners of the new spoiler are still a bit up in the air and not flush with the car trunk, just like the old one. While I was at the service center, I walked the parking lot and checked out four other Teslas that had a rear spoiler. Half of them had corners flush with trunk and the other half were sticking up slightly like mine. I'm going to say this is just how it is and not worry about it. Honestly, I don't see it causing any issues. It was just something I happened to notice and, while my car was in to get the paint and alignment fixed, I asked them to fix it as well.

Net Worth Update

The stock market bounced back, as it usually does, taking my net worth with it. I'm up $43,458 this month, regaining almost all of the $45,658 I lost last month.

October 2018 November 2018

The process of  shutting down my self-directed IRA and moving it to a traditional brokerage is still continuing. The funds have now been sent to the IRA custodian, which is why my Cash category dropped and my Property category increased. (Mint always puts manual account entries in the Property category.)

The outstanding balance on my Tesla loan dropped to under $100,000 ($99,925 to be precise). There's a long way to go until it's paid off, but this is a nice milestone. I only need another 832,708 more of those twelve cent royalty payments to pay it off! (If you have a Kindle and Amazon's Kindle Unlimited plan, you can help me out at no cost to you. Just get my other ebook (originally published under a pen name) for free and read it or just scroll through all the pages. It costs you nothing and I get royalties based on how many pages are viewed.) 😁

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