Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Goal Update: End Of March 2017

At the end of each month, I post an update of my goals, including a brief discussion of any notable events that might have occurred during the month. The latest month's figures can always be found under the Featured menu in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Last updated: End of March, 2017
Current value: $30,592
Change from last month: +$617
Percent of Goal:  28.13%

Note that the funds in this account are invested in stock, so there will be fluctuations in value that are outside my control. I never withdraw money from this account, so any dips are purely due to stock price changes.

Events Of Note Last Month:

I crossed the $30,000 threshold! That means I unlocked a new achievement!

Wow. It's been a long time since I unlocked an achievement - Seven months. I need to step up my game!

I received $8.10 in advertising revenue from my old real estate blog. Net income from my online courses was $221.99. My hard money loan generated $133.33 in income. And lastly, I received $2.70 in eBook royalties.

Relocation Update

My wife got paid her relocation bonus this month. It doesn't show in our net income figures because it's in the process of being transferred between banks. (I'm writing this on a weekend, so the receiving bank hasn't updated their figures yet.) It will probably be a while before we buy a new house in Washington, so next month, I expect to see our net worth jump when that deposit finally hits our bank account.

Net Worth Update

For March, our net worth rose by $10,797.

February 2017March 2017
Note: categorizes our HELOC as a credit card debt, not a loan, hence the apparently high credit card balance.

Our cash went up quite a bit, mainly due to my wife's new, larger paycheck. Other than that, nothing major changed in our financial picture in March. Our house in Arizona is up for sale. It's a very slow market and we've had next to no showings.

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