Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wait But Why Interviews Elon Musk

Tim Urban, one of two guys behind the Wait But Why blog, received a call a while back from someone who works with Elon Musk. The caller said Musk reads his blog and wanted to know if he wanted to have an interview with Musk to talk about the various technologies his companies work with. Tim had the phone call. During the call, Elon also invited him out to California to talk in person. Tm went.

Tim has promised this will be a four part series and, so far, only the first three parts have been released. They are fascinating reading. Be sure to set aside some time when you go to read these - all are very long for blog posts, but they are full of great info and are fun reading.

Part 1: The World's Raddest Man

Part 2: How Tesla Will Change The World

Part 3: How (And Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars

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