Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Other Tesla Blogs I Read

While I don't yet actually own a Tesla, I do like reading the stories of people who do. From their experiences, I can get a better idea of what to expect when I do get mine. Here are some of the other blogs and forums I read:

Tesla Motors Club - Tons of good information here, although, like any large public forum, it can be hard to find the good bits of info scattered throughout all the posts. I tend to read mainly the threads about Tesla owners who live in Arizona.

Tesla Owner - Blog run by a person who started out with a Roadster, then sold it and bought a Model S when those came out. After reading his experiences with the 21 inch wheels and high performance tires, I've decided that I'll be getting the 19 inch wheels on my Model S. The author is an engineer and lives on the West coast.

Tesla Living - A blog I found fairly recently. The author is also an engineer, so we have similar backgrounds. (I guess Teslas attract the nerdy engineering-type guys.) The author lives on the East coast. I liked reading his cost-analysis spreadsheet comparing owning a Tesla to a new Acura. It reminds me of the spreadsheet I made to determine who much I need to save to buy my Tesla with passive income.

I like the different perspectives the two blogs provide from the different coasts. Not only is it interesting to read about living with a Tesla in both warm and cold climates, it's interesting to read about having a Tesla where SuperChargers are relatively numerous (West coast) and relatively rare (East coast, near where the Tesla Living blogger lives).


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