Thursday, June 5, 2014

Slight Adjustment

I've decided to make a slight adjustment to my goal. I've been doing some reading of blogs of Tesla owners and forums and such and decided I can probably scale back on what I want. My original goal amount of $113,925 was based on the Tesla P85 Performance package. After further consideration, I don't think I need the performance package. The package basically gets me 0-60 MPH one second faster and the top speed goes from 125 MPH to 130 MPH. It also includes red brake calipers, which I really like. It includes some other things, but these are the two main things the package gives you that I care about. The increase in price for this is about $10,000. I'm not sure I like the red calipers that much. I also don't think I need the extra second in the zero to sixty time.

Pretty, but $10,000 pretty?

So I revisited the Tesla website and respec'ed the car. In the process of doing so, I discovered their website already subtracts the $7,500 tax credit from the price, which my spreadsheet also did, so I was subtracting that amount twice.

For documentation, here's the options I'm going with:

  • 85 kWh battery
  • Dual chargers
  • Wall connector
  • Tech package
  • Smart air suspension
  • Parking sensors (for my wife, who routinely hits the concrete stops in front of parking spaces)
  • Premium interior lighting
  • Parcel shelf
  • Leather performance seats

Anything not mentioned will be the standard option.

Using this new configuration and correcting for the tax credit mistake, my new goal amount is $108,743. That will be the figure I use going forward for calculating the Percent Of Goal figure on my goal updates.

In reality, this will probably change again in the future. I'm sure the price will change (hopefully, it will drop after the new battery gigafactory comes online) and the tax credit will go away at some point. And it's entirely possible I will change my mind on the options again. (I'm still unsure about the air suspension. That's a $2,250 option and I suppose I'd have to drive a car with and without it to see which I prefer.) But for now, this is what I'm shooting for.


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