Thursday, July 5, 2018

Goal Update: End of June 2018

At the end of each month, I post an update of my goals, including a brief discussion of any notable events that might have occurred during the month. The latest month's figures can always be found under the Featured menu in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Last updated: End of June, 2018
Current value: $46,124
Change from last Month: +$1,559
Percent of Goal:  42.42%

Note that the funds in this account are invested in stock, so there will be fluctuations in value that are outside my control. I never withdraw money from this account, so any dips are purely due to stock price changes.

Events Of Note Last Month:

My SQL courses on Udemy generated $93.97 of income. My courses on SkillShare earned $46.25. I also received $94.91 from a class action lawsuit settlement.

Our annual summer trip to Las Vegas was fun and, although we did not return home with more than we left with, we did lose less than I planned on, so there's that. We told the casino it was my wife's birthday (which was really just 2 weeks away) and we got an offer to upgrade to a swanky 910 square foot suite for only $75 per night, which we took. (Our original deal was a free room plus  $50 in dining credit and $125 in free casino play.) The suite typically goes for between $500 and $1,100 per night, so that was a screaming deal. The room had 2 bathrooms, a small kitchen, and a nice balcony overlooking the Bellagio fountains. My wife also got a small box of fancy chocolate bars. We also got a free dessert at one of the restaurants we ate at. We went with my wife's sister and her husband, plus her other sister. Someone from each group (including my wife and myself) got at least one $1,000 royal flush win on video poker. Good times!

I crossed the $45,000 threshold this month and unlocked that achievement!

Net Worth Update

Our net worth went up $3,456 this month to $848,911 - another new all-time high! Woo-hoo! Not much else to report on this front.

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