Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Goal Update: End Of October 2016

At the end of each month, I post an update of my goals, including a brief discussion of any notable events that might have occurred during the month. The latest month's figures can always be found under the Featured menu in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Last updated: End of October, 2016
Current value: $25,600
Change from last month: +$73
Percent of Goal:  23.54%

Note that the funds in this account are invested in stock, so there will be fluctuations in value that are outside my control. I never withdraw money from this account, so any dips are purely due to stock price changes.

Events Of Note Last Month:

Net income this month from my online courses was $92.25. My hard money loan generated $133.33 in income. My Amazon Mechanical Turk side hustle earned me $193.78 after I withheld 15% for taxes. My mTurk earnings from September finally made it to my Tesla account, so this month's numbers got a double jolt from mTurk income (although you wouldn't know it from the anemic increase in value).

I had income from several miscellaneous sources this month. I received $2 from a class action settlement and $5.89 from sales of my ebook. I also received a $119 quarterly bonus from my work.

Overall though, the value of my account saw just a tiny increase for the month. This was due to a decline in the share price of Realty Income stock, which was trading at $65 at the beginning of October but ended October at $59. It's somewhat sad to realize I deposited just over $540 this month and my account value only increased by $73 over September. Such are the joys of stock market investing *sigh*

Net Worth Update

For the first time since I've been tracking it on this blog (7 months), our net worth dropped, decreasing by $4,304 from last month to a new total of $712,392. This was mainly due to a drop in the stock market, which caused our IRA and 401(k) accounts to decline in value. Our overall debt total dropped, so we're still moving in the right direction on that front. It just that this month, Mr. Market wasn't so good to us.

September 2016October 2016
Note: categorizes our HELOC as a credit card debt, not a loan, hence the apparently high credit card balance.

We are also starting a small project in our backyard that will run about $2,200, so those charges will add some downward pressure to our net worth number. Due to the timing of the charges, half of that appears in this month's figures and the rest will appear in next month's.

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