Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tesla Showroom and Service Center Now Open In Tempe

My wife called me the other day to tell me that she saw a new Tesla building open on her drive to work. She had seen the work going on for a couple weeks, but today she saw 10 foot letters spelling out "TESLA" being delivered. A quick bit of Googling and I discovered the building is going to be a combination showroom and service center. It's also where Tesla ships cars for delivery to local purchasers.

This makes the third Tesla showroom in the state. I'm also pleased with the location. The other ones are both in Scottsdale and this new one in Tempe is about half the distance from my home as those. The site is very close to Arizona State University and I wonder if that was a factor in the decision to locate there. ASU has a very large renewable energy project and they have covered almost all their parking structures and many buildings with solar panels. The Tesla building doesn't say it will be a development site, but I wonder if any kind of joint venture between Tesla and ASU might come about due to their close proximity.

We took a trip there last weekend and checked out the Model S and Model X they had in the showroom. Very nice. Then.. I took a Model S for a test drive.


That is one nice car!  I got on the freeway and tested out the autopilot feature. It's amazing. And I tested a bit of the famous acceleration as I pulled onto the freeway. I couldn't get the full effect because within a second, we had caught up  to the car in front of us.

I must have one of these!

We posted about the test drive on Facebook and one of my wife's friends said she drove one also and asked "Why aren't all cars made like this?" Indeed.

My biggest complaint with Tesla is that they keep coming out with newer models with higher prices faster than I can save the money for them!


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