Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Two Reasons Growing Older Is A Good Thing

To many people, birthdays are depressing. Another year gone, another year closer to death. But I'm here to tell you growing older isn't all that bad. As I've gotten older, I've noticed some benefits that come with age. Here are two of my favorite:

We Rule The Muzak

Stores play music to keep customers in the building and to keep them in a good mood. Happy customers spend more money. The music played tends to be from about 30 years ago because people that listened to that music back then have grown into consumers with money to spend now. I've noticed lately that when I'm shopping, I hear music from when I was in high school and college - Duran Duran, Debbie Gibson, Crowded House, Def Leppard. All the 80s hits. I gotta admit, I like it.

Me and Debbie Gibson, back in the day

We Rule The Compound Interest Curve

If you've been investing for a while, you're starting to hit the point where your compounding interest is becoming substantial. Look at this graph:
When you are young and in the beginning stages of saving, compound interest is so small, it's almost negligible. It's like a rounding error. "Oh yay. I got 3.5 cents this month instead of the 3.2 cents I got last month." Big deal. But after 40 years, of building up, that compound interest suddenly becomes noticeable. After 40 years, you're suddenly getting several hundred dollars a month in interest. Cha-ching!

It's All About Perspective

Don't dread growing older. Change your perspective and look at the benefits.

One more photo, just because:

Me and Debbie Gibson Again.
Shake your love.


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